Nov 24

Why Do UK Rolex Fake Watches Still Use Controversial Calendar Window Magnifier?

In Greek mythology, there is a one-eyed giant called Kiklops who is strong, stubborn, and emotionally impulsive. He was very good at making and using all kinds of tools and weapons. Speaking of this, we will think of automatic movements Rolex replica watches the “one-eyed giant” in the watch industry.

Why call Rolex “one-eyed giant”? Rolex’s watch function is simple and sports style is prominent, giving a sense of competence. Of course, the most important thing is Rolex’s unique enlarged glass calendar window design, which seems to be a one-eyed one.

Black dials Rolex replica watches are classical.

Steel Cases Rolex Imitation Watches UK

Some people like this design, while some people dislike it. No matter you like or dislike, you can not deny it has been one of the most iconic design. In line with the design concept of Rolex watchmaking, such unique design is completely for practicality.

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