Jul 22

The Differences Between The Copy UK Rolex Explorer I And The Copy Rolex Explorer II

The copy Rolex Explorer watch, as its name implies, is designed for explorer, so how can the copy Rolex Explorer ensure that can run under the extreme environment? What does the fake Rolex Explorer experience since it has been launched in 1953? The replica Rolex Explorer watches have the fake Rolex Explorer I watches and the fake Rolex Explorer II watches, they are two separate, for they are all called explorer so we still put them together. The replica Rolex Explorer I and the replica Roelx Explorer II has old and new style, so what’s the difference between them, and what is the difference between the new and the old one, today, we will detailed explan for everyone.

black dial Rolex Explorer I And Rolex Explorer II replica

In 1953, the copy Rolex had launched the first copy Rolex Explorer watch to commemorate the first explorers that successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. Since 1953, it had become iconic classic watch. The old fake Rolex Explorer watch features 36 mm diameter and the 3, 6, 9 Numbers are all adopted the luminous meterial and the Chromalight luminous indication that persistent luminescence and the duration is double time more than the ordinary noctilucent. The copy black dial Rolex Explorer watch also can maintain accurate travel time when in extreme cases and in the case of minus 50 degrees, it still can keep accurate going. Absolutely it is the first selection of the explorers.

stainless steel bracelet Rolex Explorer I And Rolex Explorer II replica

The replica Rolex Explorer II watch was a new watch that had been launched in 1971 and originally pointer is mainly designed a 24 hours to solve the polar expeditions and the 24 hours display obviously is very practical.This design also can be used to display the dual time zone.The new fake white time scale Rolex series wrist watch looks a little different of the old one. This is the redesigned one that has been launched in2011 and the case that has been increased into 42 mm.

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