Aug 08

Steve McQueen’s Favorite: UK Black Dials Rolex Explorer II 1655 Fake Watches

  • Appearance

Different from the “Explorer I”, this Explorer II series size has been increased to 40mm, fixed 24 hours and hours of needle ring tab. Comparing with Benz hour hand, red second pointer is more prominent. The Rolex replica watches with self-winding movements also can use this pointer as the 24 hour indicator pointer.

  • Function

“Explorer II” is designed for sport adventurers such as cave explorers. Because deep cave explorers go into the dark cave, quickly lose direction and sense of time, do not feel the difference between day and night, of course, then they can not tell the correct time is four a.m. or four p.m. So at this time accurate Rolex Explorer II fake watches are quite important.


  • Brand Story

Most of watch fans all know the story of Explorer II Steve McQueen. It is said that Steve McQueen is the senior fans of this watch. In the film, he also wore Explorer II copy watches with steel cases. He was very famous, so people also like his taste.

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